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Band "The Ripmen",                                            Genre Psychobilly


Demo-CD            "With Love From Beyond" -    5 Songs        2000


daraufhin                            Sampler: High Voltage Vol.2             1 Song

                                           Sampler Crazy Love                         1 Song


CD / Venyl            "Party with the Dead"    -     12 Songs         2001

         Label:       Crazy Love Records


daraufhin                       Crazy Love Sampler 2                            1 Song

                                      It Came From Hell Vol.4                         1 Song

   Brasilianischer Sampler            1 Song             u.weitere Sampler


CD                   "Terror of the Beagle Boys"   12 Songs            2003

Label:                                     Crazy Love records

CD                     "Blutrot"                  12 Songs                           2004

Label:                               Smut.Rock:Records

CD                 "Graveyard in our Memory     12 Songs             2004/5

Label:                               Wolverine Records

CD                   "Rott in Peace"                       12 Songs             2007

Label:                              Wolverine Records


Band  "The Jukeboys",       Genre Rock'n'Roll, Rock'a Billy


Promotion CD (Cover-Songs Sixties)            7 Songs              2008


Single              Oh, Josephine, Single             4 Songs              2009

Label:                      Toja Records

Sampler:       Golden Oldies Wettenberg                                       2009

Video               Hilbilly Cat                                                            2011

Produktion:  Bmp.motion

Single              Sweet Memories, Single     5 Songs      in Produktion

                    Sampler           Dynamite                    1 Song            2014


Band  "OpiHum and the Gravedigger",      Genre:  Filmmusik / PsychoART


        Film         "The Grabstainer's celebrate Halloween"          20011-13

                                         full length movie

                                Produktion: OpiHum - Film


            Video       "Banquet of the Spirits"                 1 Song             

CD           Soundtrack zum Film      ca. 50 Min.     in Endproduktion

                                     Label:  -----> auf der Suche! <-------             

Ludwig Drum ca.1980



Eine 13"Bronze Snare & eine 14" je. von Ludwig



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